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About BeyondTV & Hotel Internet Services

BeyondTV® is a product of Hotel Internet Services, a leading provider of secure wired and wireless Internet services, Video-on-demand, IPTV streaming media, 24×7 Support services for casinos, hotels, resorts, assisted living and retirement facilities, MDUs, timeshares, and other venues. Hotel Internet Services has successfully deployed hundreds of small to large-scale facility-wide Wireless and TV solutions across the U.S. and currently manages and maintains hundreds of properties with more than 125,000 guestrooms.

The BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Player represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the in-room entertainment category, marrying guest devices with the guest’s room television. BeyondTV provides the convenience of using one’s own devices, subscriptions, memberships, etc. while accessing the facility’s amenities and services all through the hotel room TV.

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BeyondTV – Australia Partner

3/7 Bell Street

Torquay, Vic, 3228


BeyondTV Corporate Office – US

600 Cleveland Street Suite 830

Clearwater, Florida 33755 


Sales:  1-800 830 302 Ext 401

Corporate: 866-265-7575