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A 4-Star property located in a historic 1920s building, the Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City provides its guests with stylish elegance while offering a modern experience. With breathtaking views from its Rooftop O Bar and with enticing amenities that include an outdoor pool and fitness center, the Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City also aims to ensure that visitors to the area are able to satisfy their every travel need. With guests typically equipped with at least one smart device and seeking the convenience that advanced connectivity now offers them when at home, the Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City further recognizes that fully meeting today’s travel needs also means providing services that allow guests to continue with their IoT-enhanced lifestyles.

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With guests continuing to expect ever more from a hotel’s online and in-room entertainment services, the Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City sought out a solutions provider that could equip them with the ability to address demands for instant satisfaction, maximized convenience and full service personalization. In order to provide guests with the experiences they now expect, this would mean needing to implement high-quality internet connectivity while also catering to guest preferences for wirelessly casting their own content to guestroom televisions. As a property wanting to adopt the latest trends and technological efficiencies, the Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City further desired to equip each guest with advanced voice-activated functionality; ensuring that all could obtain a truly memorable hotel stay experience along with the highest level in convenience and request response time efficiency

Despite initial challenges associated with upgrading Wi-Fi and online-based guest services for an older building, such as a lack of wiring or hard-to-reach areas, Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City was able rely on HIS to implement a future-proof network. This was accomplished using advanced Ruckus technology recognized for its ability to handle the latest guest demands and online behaviors. With the addition of BeyondTV, each guest also gains the ability to stream personal content from their devices onto guestroom televisions without first needing to input sensitive login information. Leveraging its patented data privacy technology, BeyondTV further leads the industry in safeguarding guest information with features that include automatically erasing all usage data upon check-out. Guests are also able to delete their personal data at any time during their stay with a push of a remote control button.

Through an integration with Amazon’s Alexa and Volara, a leader in voice-based solutions for the hospitality industry, BeyondTV further provides Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City guests with the enhanced convenience of complete voice control over guestroom televisions. Guests can also issue requests for items such as extra towels, with any voice commands seamlessly converted into text messages and relayed directly to the front desk.

“HIS went above and beyond to upgrade our guest Wi-Fi services and IoT-based offerings in a way that was minimally intrusive and that fully caters to today’s guest needs to connect multiple devices, access content on their terms and obtain instant convenience,” says Jason Clark, Director of Operations at the Ambassador Hotel Oklahoma City.

“Thanks to our enhanced Wi-Fi and BeyondTV, we now have the ability to provide guests with the high-level of connectivity and service that they now expect from any hotel seeking their business. We are also extremely pleased that HIS offers a truly scalable product, and look forward to adding additional functionalities such as voice control over lighting and thermostats.”

As a comprehensive guestroom entertainment and convenience-enhancing solution, other BeyondTV features can include the ability for guests to access details on available amenities, promotions and services via guestroom television screen or by making an inquiry through Alexa. Further enhancing the potential for increased revenue is BeyondTV’s ability to play video loops showcasing additional offerings or even other properties that belong to a hotel brand. Such footage can be scheduled to play when a guest first enters the room or when the television remains inactive for a preset period of time.

Project Requirements

  • Implement an in-room solution that could offer the latest in voice-activated functionality while also deliver on guest expectations for personalized content streaming and enhanced data protection abilities.

  • Provide guests with a more efficient means of communication and access to hotel information.

  • Overcome the structural limitations of an older building to Implement an advanced Wi-Fi network that can fully cater to guest and hotel service online needs.


  • Provide each guest with access to BeyondTV’s wireless casting abilities while ensuring that their personal information is always protected using the solution’s patented data privacy technology.

  • Leverage BeyondTV’s integration with Alexa and Volara to provide guests with voice control over in-room amenities such as televisions, along with the ability to make requests for items such as towels without having to leave the guestroom.

  • Combine HIS industry expertise with advanced Ruckus technology to strategically implement a Wi-Fi network that could deliver a strong signal throughout the property, ensuring that guest devices and hotel services always encounter a fast and seamless online experience.

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