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A luxury boutique property based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ambassador Hotel Tulsa is part of the Autograph Collection and located in one of Tulsa’s most historic buildings. Equipped with amenities such as suites featuring living areas, plush bedding and ergonomic workstations, the hotel stands out as a location that seeks to provide its guests with high quality conveniences. In more recent years, hotel leadership identified a need for this commitment to include the latest in online connectivity, content streaming services and communication that could address today’s guest demands for personalized instant service and satisfaction.

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With hotel ownership recognizing a need to update its infrastructure to reflect guest expectations for a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection, seamless access to personal content streaming subscriptions and the ability to more conveniently manage and request property amenities, Ambassador Hotel Tulsa sought out the industry expertise of a comprehensive solutions provider. By selecting Hotel Internet Services, the hotel was able to implement BeyondTV, an all-inclusive guestroom entertainment and convenience-enhancing solution. Guests using BeyondTV are able to instantly cast streamed content from personal devices onto the guestroom television, providing them with the advantage of a larger screen while avoiding the privacy concerns of having to input personal subscription login details. 

In this tech-savvy era, guests want to watch TV their way – whether it’s YouTube videos, ESPN on-demand or streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu,” says Nora Miller, General Manager at the Ambassador Hotel Tulsa. “BeyondTV allows us to cater to this desire by providing guests with the personalized entertainment options that they seek in a way that is convenient, more enjoyable and always secure. BeyondTV also allows us to enhance our guestroom service quality by providing guests with voice-activated amenity control, along with ability to locate details on available hotel services and then instantly transmit requests to the appropriate personnel. This not only streamlines operational efficiency but also vastly enhances service response times.”

Through BeyondTV’s integration with Amazon’s Alexa, the property’s guests can now effortlessly control television functions with their voice alone, without having to locate or attempt to learn how to use the remote control. Through the integration with Volara, this voice-activated functionality can also extend to a hotel guestroom’s other amenities, including thermostats, lighting and drapes. Further enhancing guest convenience is the ability to use BeyondTV’s voice control feature to schedule wakeup calls and even communicate with a hotel’s various departments. BeyondTV also allows guests to order amenities such as room service from the comfort of their guestroom.

As a leading provider of Wi-Fi services for the hospitality industry, HIS is also credited with providing Ambassador Hotel Tulsa guests with a seamless and reliable online experience when connecting their devices to the internet. Leveraging HIS’ expertise, Ambassador Hotel Tulsa can now ensure that guests are able to access a high speed and secure Wi-Fi connection, no matter where they are on the property.

Project Requirements

  • Implement an in-room Guestroom Entertainment System capable of offering the latest in voice-activated functionality while also addressing guest demands for access to personalized content through apps and Casting.

  • Implement advanced Wi-Fi connectivity that can provide multiple guest devices with secure, fast and reliable access to the internet.


  • Implement BeyondTV’s wireless casting abilities that allow guests to access personal streaming subscriptions on larger guestroom television screens.

  • Leverage BeyondTV’s integration with Alexa and Volara to equip guests with voice control abilities to control the TV, and order in-room amenities and services.

  • Utilize HIS industry expertise to implement a Wi-Fi network capable of transmitting a strong and consistent signal throughout the property, while ensuring that guest data is always fully secured. 

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