An award-winning Australian property situated near the city of Goulburn’s most popular attractions, Best Western Plus Goulburn aims to provide its guests with the most luxurious value for their money. To achieve this goal, the 4.5-star hotel offers a wide assortment of amenities designed to maximize the comfort and satisfaction of each guest, including an onsite restaurant and cocktail lounge, free Wi-Fi and guestrooms equipped with minibars and microwaves. To ensure a truly enjoyable stay experience, however, the hotel also seeks to empower its guests with total personalized control over their in-room entertainment options.


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Initially providing its guests with traditional cable television services, the family-owned 70-room hotel recognized the importance of catering to now widespread guest preferences for access to personal streamed subscriptions on guestroom televisions. Since the onset of the pandemic, cable channel subscriptions also represent a significant expense for hotels, offering little to no ROI and with an ever decreasing impact on the overall guest experience. Hotel leadership therefore sought out a reputable solution that could effortlessly cater to the diverse content preferences of guests and reduce reliance on cable television. The property also desired a platform that could accommodate unique hotel industry needs and offer the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing hotel operations.

Best Western Plus Goulburn’s decision to implement BeyondTV ultimately allows the property to free itself from costly monthly cable TV bills while catering to guest expectations for a modern content viewing experience. With BeyondTV, the property also benefits from a solution engineered specifically for hotel environments that guarantees flexibility, ease-of-use and enhanced security abilities. Guests using BeyondTV can effortlessly cast virtually any content of choice from personal devices onto guestroom TVs without ever being asked for sensitive login information. The solution’s device isolation capabilities also prevent content from being transmitted to televisions located in other guestrooms.


“After researching a range of other potential platforms, BeyondTV was simply the best solution for our hotel and guests as it offers both superior and intuitive features with lower monthly costs,… As a new system, we were prepared for any potential troubleshooting issues that could arise but to our amazement, only experienced one report of flat batteries in a remote which really serves as a testament to the ease-of-use that BeyondTV provides. The installation process was also quick and seamless and along with a second-to-none customer service experience, we are fully confident in our ability to cater to the latest in-room guest needs.” 

Adam Rabjohns

General Manager at Best Western Goulburn

As a comprehensive and scalable in-room platform, BeyondTV also provides hotels with the ability to offer an array of services that can be accessed via television and that enhance social distancing efforts while reducing contact with shared surfaces. This includes being able to order room service, communicate with staff, review the hotel bill or check-out. BeyondTV now also comes available with the all-new myRemote feature, a downloadable app that allows guests to control both television and BeyondTV functions using personal devices. Without having to pick up a physical remote which may host germs, guests can turn TVs on or off, access channel guides, switch between apps, adjust language settings or background color, submit requests for hotel amenities and much more. 

Project Requirements

  • Provide guests with access to personalized in-room content while eliminating the need for the hotel to rely on costly cable television subscriptions.

  • Ensure that guest concerns over potential data theft are fully addressed.

  • Guarantee a seamless implementation process with no complex integrations.

  •  Offer guests the option of reducing shared surface risks.


  • Utilize BeyondTV’s instant compatibility with thousands of mobile-based apps to provide far more content viewing options than traditional television channels, while also always ensuring total experience personalization and lower monthly hotel bills.

  • Use BeyondTV’s casting abilities to sidestep the need for guests to enter-in sensitive login information while using the platform’s advanced device isolation capabilities to prevent content from being transmitted to televisions in other guestrooms.

  • Leverage BeyondTV’s instant compatibility the the vast majority of hotel television brands and Wi-Fi networks to ensure a swift and seamless implementation process.

  • Provide guests with the option of downloading myRemote, an app feature that allows guests to control virtually all BeyondTV and television functions without having to pick up a physical remote.