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Located in downtown Minneapolis, Elliott Park Hotel is a property renowned for its luxury accommodations and sophisticated décor. Featuring artful lighting, flickering candles and one of the area’s fastest rising Italian restaurants, the hotel is sought out by guests for its ability to offer a unique and refined experience. In order to attain complete satisfaction, however, property leadership recognized the vital importance that today’s guests place on a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection, along with the ability to access personalized content for their in-room entertainment needs. Significantly, Elliott Park Hotel also identified growing demands for voice-activated technology due to the platform’s increasing presence in consumer homes and the enhanced convenience that such solutions offer.

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With guests continuing to raise the bar on what they expect from a hotel’s services and amenities, Elliott Park Hotel sought out a solution that could enhance their ability to provide instant satisfaction and maximized convenience. Hotel leadership further aimed to identify a provider that could simultaneously offer high-quality internet connectivity while also catering to the guest preference of wirelessly casting their own content to guestroom televisions. As a property seeking to adopt the latest trends and further differentiate themselves from regional competitors, Elliott Park Hotel additionally wanted to provide their guests with the latest in voice-activated functionality; offering guests a truly memorable hotel stay experience while raising convenience to new heights.  

Elliott Park Hotel chose to implement BeyondTV in order to match or even exceed the advanced technology that many consumers now have access to in their own homes. Via an integration with Amazon’s Alexa, BeyondTV provides Elliott Park Hotel guests with the convenience-enhancing ability to control guestroom television functions using only their voice.  Voice-activated features include the ability to change channels, review television guides, adjust volume and power television sets on or off. Following an integration between the property’s front desk and Volara, a software platform that BeyondTV utilizes to manage and direct requests, guests staying at the Elliott Park Hotel will also be able to leverage voice control functionality to order amenities from the comfort of their guestroom. For hotels that wish to include additional convenience-enhancing features, BeyondTV also offers the option to provide guests with voice control functionality over lighting, thermostats and even drapes.

“Our goal is to provide guests with the ‘road less traveled’ and an experience that they can truly remember, and with BeyondTV and its voice-activated service, the possibilities to do so are endless,” said Dana Orlando, General Manager at Elliott Park Hotel. “We strongly believe that this platform will continue to differentiate our property in the minds of guests while also reflecting our forward thinking philosophy on technology.”

As an advanced guestroom entertainment solution, BeyondTV also provides guests with the ability to access online streaming subscriptions and wirelessly cast content from personal devices onto guestroom televisions; a feature that Elliott Park Hotel considers to be crucial in meeting today’s guest standards. Apps that can be directly cast to BeyondTV include Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. With its patented security technology, BeyondTV ensures that all usernames and passwords are fully protected by automatically deleting such details along with any online browsing history upon guest check-out. Guests are further provided with the option of erasing their personal information at any time with the push of a remote control button.

Using BeyondTV’s interactive dashboard, hotel staff can also more effectively communicate with guests regarding available services and amenities. Information shared via television can further be customized for specific guestrooms where guests staying are part of a group. This includes the ability to broadcast meeting agendas, local events and special promotions.

“With BeyondTV, we are further able to reinforce our branding and demonstrate what our individual “Mark of Craft” is all about,” continued Orlando. “Whether it’s enjoying one of our signature cozy blankets, snuggled up by our fireplace with a beer produced on site, or enjoying one of the chef’s wood-fired dishes from our Italian restaurant ‘Tavola,’ we are able to communicate this information to guests in real-time. “

As a leading provider of Wi-Fi services for the hospitality industry, HIS is also credited with providing Elliott Park Hotel guests with a seamless and reliable online experience when connecting their devices to the internet. Leveraging HIS’ expertise, Elliott Park Hotel can now ensure that guests are able to access a high speed and secure Wi-Fi connection, no matter where they are on the property.

Project Requirements

  • Implement a solution simultaneously capable of offering the latest in voice-activated functionality while addressing guest demands for access to personalized content.

  • Provide hotel staff with a more effective means to communicate with guests.

  • Implement advanced Wi-Fi connectivity that can provide multiple guest devices with secure, fast and reliable access to the internet.


  • Utilize BeyondTV’s integration with Alexa and Volara to provide guests with voice control over in-room amenities, along with the option to make service requests without having to leave the guestroom.

  • Implement BeyondTV’s wireless casting abilities in order for guests to access personal streaming subscriptions and social media accounts on guestroom televisions.

  • Leverage HIS industry expertise to implement a Wi-Fi infrastructure capable of transmitting a strong signal throughout the property, while ensuring that guest data is always fully safeguarded.