BeyondTV Features and Updates:

Promotional Video Feature

BeyondTV now supports periodic marketing, informational or advertisement videos playing on the TV.

The hotel can upload and manage their own video content in BeyondTV and have the system to play these videos whenever the guest is idle on the system, regardless of where they are in the user interface, outside of watching TV or a movie.

The feature if very configurable, with these options under the control of the hotel:

  • One or many videos, played through one after the other
  • How long the guest is inactive before the videos start to play
  • Whether the video(s) play on an endless loop until the guest re-engages the TV, or if there is a gap between each video. The length of the gap is configurable as well.
  • Whether the video(s) are full screen or a partial screen pop-up overlay.

Video Welcome Message

Hotels can now welcome their guests with a video!

As with all other content, the hotel has full control of the video content with the user interface. One just needs to upload their video of choice into BeyondTV Admin and create a video welcome screen.

When a guest turns on the TV for the first time, they will be greeted with the video, which plays automatically once the TV is powered on. The guest can exit the video at any time by pressing any button on the remote.

The hotel also has the option to have a text welcome follow the video, so that once the video ends, a more traditional welcome message is displayed to the guest prior to their use of the system.

Pay Per View and Pay Per Day Video on Demand

BeyondTV now offers both Pay Per View and Pay Per Day options for guests to rent affordable streaming movies on their hotel TV.

The Pay Per View catalogue includes just released titles not yet available on guest’s entertainment subscription services.

The Pay Per Day is a large collection of classic and independent titles offered as an all you can watch in a day at an extremely low price.

BeyondTV Available in Nine Languages

All menu, navigation and common text in the BeyondTV user interface is now available in nine languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Russian
  • Japanese

Hotels can also create their information and compendium pages in these languages to provide an enhanced service to international travelers.

Reservation Management Tool Released

BeyondTV is integrated with dozens of Property Management Systems, but when such an integration hasn’t been developed, it can be time consuming or costly to do so.

To avoid unnecessary lost time or undue investment, BeyondTV offers a Reservation Management Tool – a simplistic web tool for informing BeyondTV of check-ins and room moves, allowing the hotel to utilize many of the advanced features BeyondTV offers, such as automatically clearing a guest’s data when they checkout and easy, single sign-on casting.

BeyondTV Admin Released!

A simplistic yet feature-rich entertainment platform needs a simplistic and feature-rich management platform. Enter BeyondTV Admin. 

BeyondTV Admin provides at-a-glance views of the usage and health of the system, as well as putting full control of the TV content into the hotel’s hands.

The content editing section is visual and intuitive, with drag and drop reordering and layouts that provide a preview of the content as it will appear on the TV. It includes multi-language editing, as well as a messaging interface to communicate to one guest, a group of guests or all rooms.

With hierarchical access, Marketing, Engineering and Management all have just the access they need to successfully oversee and manage BeyondTV.

BeyondTV Relaunched!

With a completely redesigned user interface that reflects the familiar face of the most popular consumer entertainment products on the market, such as Roku and FireTV, BeyondTV is officially re-released for all existing and new deployments, compatible with all current Android hardware.

Not just a pretty face, BeyondTV was completely overhauled from the bottom up, with brand-new backend architecture that allows for a very stable, feature-rich platform from which any needs of a hotel or other vertical can be built upon. Additionally, the new set-top box software comes with a new dashboard and configuration web-tool, BeyondTV Admin, which is as intuitive and simple as the TV UI, and allows hoteliers to be in full control of their own content.