Guestroom Entertainment Survey Full Report

Today’s hoteliers operate in a world where guests are not only accustomed to instant data access or entertainment options that are a mere Netflix sign-in away; they increasingly cater to demographics that now expect such conveniences to be available at all levels of a hotel’s operation. In its survey conducted on 565 guests and 207 hoteliers across the U.S., HIS delves into the latest technological trends affecting guest expectations and what such findings mean for hotel revenues, with findings that cover:

  • The impact of streaming and smart devices on guest behavior and in-room viewing preferences
  • What today’s guests look for in a modern guestroom entertainment system
  • Convenience-enhancing features that hoteliers can leverage to enhance both guest satisfaction and overall profits
  • The impact that data privacy has on a guest’s decision to use a hotel’s entertainment offerings
  • The rise of voice-enabled devices and virtual assistants and how such technology is further altering guest perceptions of instant and personalized service