CLEARWATER, FL—When guests stay in their hotel rooms, they want to have the same entertainment options they have at home.

Hotel Internet Services just made that easier with new enhancements to its BeyondTV platform to allow guests to wirelessly cast a variety of content from their personal smart devices.

“We have had a solution for some time, which started with apps on the set-top box so people could go to Hulu or Pandora or another service and log in their credentials and get to their subscribed content that way,” said Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services. “We found through our testing and surveys that people prefer to cast from their personal device. This allows them to not have to type in their information into the app that was on the set-top box. There were security concerns, of course, because you are putting information in the box. We handled the security concerns. In fact, we won the patent recently for security.”