Installation Spotlight


A boutique hotel located in Albury, Australia, Mercure Albury is recognized throughout the region for its commitment to providing guests with the ideal combination of luxury and country charm. Ensuring the ability to achieve this goal are a range of appealing amenities that include an outdoor swimming pool, an on-site bar and a restaurant locally renowned for its enticing cuisine. However, seeking to provide each guest with the ultimate in enjoyable hotel stay experiences, property leadership recognized a need to cater to today’s guest preferences for in-room entertainment personalization while addressing demands to safeguard guest health using contactless technology and services.


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With guests now commonly accustomed to the advantages of content casting due to the availability of platforms such as Chromecast, Mercure Albury understood that more traditional televised offerings such as video-on-demand were no longer capable of achieving full guest satisfaction. Instead, the property sought out a solution that could mirror the content casting convenience now found within consumer homes while being able to function within a hospitality setting. Desiring to go above and beyond in catering to guest needs, Mercure Albury further required a comprehensive solution that could also provide guests with the opportunity to instantly communicate with hotel staff or locate service details from the safety of their rooms without risking exposure to germs by coming into close contact with others.

By implementing BeyondTV, Mercure Albury was able to leverage an advanced casting solution that is designed specifically for the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Compatible with virtually any hotel network or guestroom television, BeyondTV can provide each guest with the instant ability to effortlessly cast an array of apps from their personal devices, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney+, Spotify and Pandora. Guests can further leverage BeyondTV’s casting abilities to view social media accounts on a larger screen such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. As a comprehensive entertainment platform, guests staying at Mercure Albury can additionally leverage BeyondTV to surf the internet with the platform’s built-in web browser.
With guests frequently concerned over the risk of data theft when staying at a hotel, BeyondTV also provides Mercure Albury with the ability to safeguard sensitive information such as usernames and passwords via the solution’s patented privacy technology. This functionality includes the automatic deleting of all usage data and browsing history upon check-out, along with providing guests with the option to delete such information at any time with the push of a remote control button.


“Now more than ever, guests expect to be able to fully personalize their hotel stay experience and in-room entertainment is certainly no exception when it comes to this need,” said Meggan Gardner, General Manager at Mercure Albury. “The BeyondTV platform has provided us with an ability to completely and seamlessly cater to this demand, with many of our guests delighted at the fact that they are able to continue viewing their favorite movies and shows while staying at our property. With BTV ensuring that all requested needs were fully addressed during installation and with its ability offer 24/7 support, we are fully confident that guest satisfaction will continue to remain high. We are also extremely pleased over the ability to leverage BeyondTV’s contactless feature benefits to maintain a priority on guest safety while still providing seamless access to hotel services and information.”
Meggan Gardner

General Manager at Mercure Albury

In addition to providing guests with user-friendly and secure access to personal content, BeyondTV’s comprehensive in-room service abilities also include providing guests with the option of communicating with staff, checking out or locating details on hotel amenities without having to risk coming into close contact with others. Information available to guests via guestroom television includes the latest menu options for the onsite Restaurant 579 on Olive, regionally renowned for its unique and enticing cuisine. While enhancing guest abilities to maintain safe distances when staying at a hotel, the availability of such information and services via BeyondTV also provides guests with a greater ability to personalize experiences while increasing hotel revenues. With guests frequently prioritizing the need to instantly access a hotel’s Wi-Fi network, Mercure Albury’s guestroom television homepage is also customized to provide Wi-Fi login information in order to ensure that guests can effortlessly connect their devices the moment that they enter the room. Further enhancing staff-to-guest communication is the option of leveraging BeyondTV’s private messaging ability to ensure rapid response times for any service request.

Project Requirements

  • Provide guests with instant and hassle-free access to all of their personalized content viewing preferences via the guestroom television.
  • Ensure the safety of personal information such as usernames, passwords and browsing history.
  • Offer instant guest convenience and the ability to maintain safe distances when communicating with staff, checking-out or seeking out details on available hotel services.


  • Leverage BeyondTV’s hospitality-designed casting abilities to ensure seamless access to an array of personalized streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and Spotify.
  • Relieve guest concerns over data theft using BeyondTV’s patented and industry-leading data privacy technology.
  • Utilize BeyondTV’s comprehensive in-room service features to provide guests with a safe alternative to physical check-out or when communicating with the property and accessing amenity information by instead using a television remote control.