Installation Spotlight


Known for its eco-friendly practices and operating out of the heart of San Francisco, California, Orchard Hotels manages both the Orchard Garden and Orchard Hotel, and rewards its guests with a stay experience that balances both modern and classic styles. Understanding the priority placed on fast and reliable internet access by today’s guests, Orchard Hotels also strives to ensure that its Wi-Fi and internet-based services are able to meet the latest demands in device connectivity. This commitment to fulfilling modern hospitality needs further extends to catering toward the growing trend of guests seeking greater personalization and faster responses from hotel services.


Despite its well-intentioned goals of providing guests with an up-to-date and seamless online experience, both Orchard Hotels properties continued to receive negative guest feedback regarding poor W-Fi connectivity and slow speeds. This recurring issue was only made worse due to the presence of thick walls and large coverage areas that made it virtually impossible for existing equipment to transmit a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal. Being located in a city known for its tech-savvy spirit, hotel staff recognized the critical need to upgrade its network abilities in order to remain competitive within its geographic market. Both properties also realized that catering to the latest guest trends meant having to work with a reputable provider that could satisfy growing demands for device-casting and voice-activated technology.  

By selecting Hotel Internet Services and leveraging the company’s expertise, Orchard Hotel and Orchard Garden were able to affordably overcome troublesome Wi-Fi experiences with the strategic placement of industry leading Ruckus wireless access points throughout both locations. With this straightforward procedure now complete, the result has been a complete elimination of guest complaints related to internet connectivity.

“Fast and reliable Wi-Fi is a critical amenity in today’s hospitality market, and by partnering with HIS, we have been able to meet this need in a way that is affordable and that ensures all guests have complimentary access to the fastest internet speeds,“ said Pablo Barruti, general manager for Orchard Hotels of San Francisco. “Our decision to select HIS is also based on the company’s ability to enhance and offer a unique guest experience with BeyondTV, a platform that allows our guests to directly cast their content onto guestroom televisions while safeguarding their data privacy. With BeyondTV’s added ability to integrate with Alexa, we are even able to address the industry’s growing demand for voice-based solution control.”

A solution known for its ease-of-use, BeyondTV provides hotel guests with the ability to cast popular online video and music subscription services with the press of a button. Guests can also leverage the guestroom television’s larger screen and louder speakers to access their music, social media accounts or view and share personal photos or videos. Through integration with Amazon Alexa, guests can interact with BeyondTV via voice commands to control a variety of TV functions, such as changing the channel, casting from devices, visiting the app store or surfing the web. Voice commands can also be used to order services, such as room service or housekeeping, or to inquire about other hotel services and amenities.

Upon check out, BeyondTV automatically deletes all personal data and also provides guests with the ability to manually remove their information at any time. In furthering the Orchard Hotels’ commitment to serving as an eco-friendly establishment, BeyondTV additionally allows the properties to eliminate the use of paper and printed collateral in providing guests with hotel information. Instead, such details can be made instantly available within each guestroom via the television screen.

Project Requirements

  • Identify a strategy for overcoming weak and inconsistent Wi-Fi signals that takes building structural limitations into account.
  • Implement a solution that is capable of satisfying guest demands for casting personal content to guestroom televisions.


  • Strategic placement of Ruckus wireless access points in order to offset issues caused by thick walls and large coverage areas.
  • Implementation of BeyondTV as a comprehensive in-room entertainment streaming solution that is able to satisfy guest preferences for personalized content.
  • Integration of BeyondTV with Amazon’s Echo in order to provide guests with the ability to control television functions and request hotel services by simply using their voice.