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A San Diego-based luxury hotel, the Pantai Inn offers its guests a truly unique and memorable experience thanks to its décor and design that is heavily inspired by Balinese culture. Serving as a tranquil retreat along California’s La Jolla coastline, Pantai Inn ensures that guests can find complete peace-of-mind in their surroundings with features that include landscaped gardens, a courtyard offering an ocean view, an outdoor fire pit area and in-room spa treatments. Yet while striving to provide a one of a kind hotel stay experience, Pantai Inn leadership recognized that today’s guests expect the universal availability of certain amenity services that they utilize on a daily basis when at home, and that they expect to find at any property where they stay. These include the ability to effortlessly connect multiple devices to a fast, secure and reliable WiFi service, as well being able to personalize in-room entertainment options.

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Seeking to fully cater to modern guest needs for enhanced online connectivity and personalization, the Pantai Inn sought out a hospitality industry provider recognized for its ability to implement an advanced WiFi service capable of supporting the latest online behaviors. Hotel leadership also desired to partner with a provider that could simultaneously deliver on guest demands for convenient access to personalized streamed content subscriptions. With guests increasingly expecting instant access to a hotel’s amenities and services, the Pantai Inn additionally wished to partner with a provider that could streamline the guest request process while offering each guest greater control over their hotel stay experience. that guests could seamlessly connect multiple devices and be able to perform an array of online activities such as content streaming without interruption.

By partnering with BeyondTV, Pantai Inn was able to leverage the company’s resources and expertise in implementing a WiFi network capable of ensuring each guest device could access a high-speed and secure connection. With a strong and reliable WiFi connection now present throughout the entire property, Pantai Inn not only could ensure full guest satisfaction for one of hospitality’s most demanded amenities, but could also leverage the enhanced network to provide additional services that guests now increasingly seek.

With the implementation of BeyondTV, a comprehensive guestroom entertainment solution, those staying at the Pantai Inn now gain the ability of being able to cast virtually any kind of content from personal devices onto larger guestroom television screens, with examples that include Netflix and Hulu in addition to social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. Unlike televisions that provide such services via pre-installed apps, BeyondTV avoids privacy concerns related to the input of personal login details, and provides guests with the ability to delete personal data at any time or automatically upon check-out.

“While providing guests with new and exciting experiences is a vital goal of any hotel establishment, the ongoing evolution of consumer technology has meant that guests are now accustomed to a high degree of personalization when it comes to their in-room entertainment needs, and expect the same level of quality regardless of where they stay,” says Mike Murrell, General Manager at Pantai Inn. “BeyondTV not only completely fulfills this growing demand, but also provides a host of other satisfaction-enhancing amenities, with our guests  for example able to view and order available hotel services right from their guestroom television. With the added ability of voice control, guests can also take greater control over their own hotel stay experience and interact with amenities in a way that is more convenient and in line with their preference for faster service.”

Through BeyondTV’s integration with Amazon’s Alexa, the Pantai Inn’s guests can now control television functions using their voice alone, eliminating a need to locate or attempt to learn how to use the remote control. Through the integration with Volara, voice-activated control may also extend to a hotel guestroom’s other amenities, including thermostats, lighting and drapes. BeyondTV’s voice control feature can also be used to schedule wakeup calls or communicate with a hotel’s various departments. BeyondTV also offers the ability for guests to use voice in ordering amenities such as room service or in attempting to locate hotel details such as restaurant hours and ongoing promotions.

Project Requirements

  • Upgrade Pantai Inn’s WiFi network abilities to cater to the latest online guest behaviors and needs.
  • Meet guest demands for in-room entertainment personalization by providing convenient access to online streaming subscriptions.
  • Provide guests with instant access to services and amenities along with greater control over their hotel stay experience.


  • Leverage BTV resources and expertise to implement an advanced WiFi network capable of ensuring a strong, fast and reliable connection throughout the entire premises.
  • Provide guests with the ability to cast virtually any content from personal devices onto guestroom televisions while utilizing BeyondTV’s privacy features to safeguard sensitive data at all times.
  • Leverage BeyondTV’s integration with Amazon’s Alexa to provide guests with effortless voice control abilities over amenities while streamlining communication and the ability to receive instant service.