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A 480-acre property in Tampa Bay, Florida, and recognized as one of the nation’s preeminent athletic training facilities, Saddlebrook Resort Boasts two Arnold Palmer signature golf courses and a championship tennis complex featuring 45 courts. Yet while also featuring several luxury services such as a spa, Yoga and Tai Chi classes, Saddlebrook Resort continued to observe a growing demand for guestroom entertainment amenities that could address their preference for online connectivity and personalized content.

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As guests increasingly look to online streaming subscriptions for their guestroom entertainment needs, Saddlebrook resort sought out a solution that could enhance satisfaction levels by allowing guests to access their own content on guestroom televisions. With data privacy continuing to be a significant concern for consumers, resort leadership also understood that any potential guestroom entertainment platform would need to provide enhanced security abilities that effectively safeguard against the theft of sensitive information. The resort further desired a solution that could serve as a means to more effectively communicate with guests that in today’s market, increasingly prefer faster results and instant service.  

By implementing BeyondTV by Hotel Internet Services, Saddlebrook Resort can now ensure that its guests have the ability to leverage guestroom televisions to access popular content streaming and social media apps including Hulu, Pandora, ESPN, YouTube and Facebook. BeyondTV’s built-in web browser also provides instant access to the internet on a large television screen, a useful feature for Saddlebrook Resort’s guests who wish to surf the web, check social media sites, shop online, get news and much more.

Keeping up with changes in technology has always been seen as a challenge for those of us within the hospitality industry, yet since implementing BeyondTV we can confidently say that it finally feels like we are leading in technology rather than chasing after it,” said Patrick Ciaccio, General Manager at Saddlebrook Resort. “Our partnership with HIS has not only provided us with a solution that fully addresses today’s guest preferences for personalized content, but also provides our resort with the ability to customize television screen menus so that we can communicate with guests in a manner that better suits their desire for instant information and service.

Guests at Saddlebrook resort can leverage BeyondTV to locate information on available hotel promotions and amenities such as spa services, restaurants, fitness activities, golf and tennis lessons. While catering to evolving guest entertainment needs, BeyondTV also offers hoteliers the opportunity to re-connect with their guests via its messaging tool. As a resort known to host numerous group events, Saddlebrook Resort staff can further leverage this feature to customize promotional messaging so that group members are fully aware of the unique services available to them.
With data privacy an understandable concern for today’s guests and hoteliers, BeyondTV also provides guests with its patented “Guest Personal Data Protection” so that sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and web browsing history can be deleted at any time with the click of a remote control button. Such data is also automatically erased upon check-out to ensure total data protection at all times.
BeyondTV further provides hoteliers with the ability to implement additional features and functionalities in stages, including the ability for guests to cast content from their personal devices to the TV. BeyondTV can additionally now be equipped with voice control functionality via integration with Amazon’s Alexa, allowing guests to make requests or control amenities such as the television, lighting and thermostats using simple voice commands.

Project Requirements

  • Implement an in-room entertainment platform that can cater to growing guest preferences for online and personalized content.
  • Ensure the full protection of sensitive guest data such as usernames and passwords.
  • Provide an effective means of hotel-to-guest communication that recognizes demands for faster and more convenient service.


  • Leverage BeyondTV’s ability to provide access to a wide array of streaming and social media apps on guestroom televisions.
  • Provide guests with the option of deleting all personal data at any time, while automatically erasing such information at time of check-out.
  • Utilize BeyondTV to provide guests with instant access to information on available hotel services and promotions.