Installation Spotlight


A newly renovated property based in Clearwater Beach, Florida, and boasting breathtaking gulf views, Shephard’s Beach Resort is recognized as a premier destination for many tourists visiting the area. Also highly regarded for its enticing amenities such as a 5,000 square foot swimming pool, tiki beach bar and on-site nightclub, Shephard’s Beach Resort understands the need to provide guests with high quality services. Yet in the pursuit of obtaining full satisfaction for each guest, property leadership understood the critical importance of addressing guest needs for high quality internet connectivity along with the growing demand for the latest in guestroom entertainment.

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Prior to the HIS Wi-Fi implementation, Shephard’s Beach Resort used outdated hallway access points to transmit Wi-Fi signals throughout the premises. Guests attempting to access online content often voiced their dissatisfaction due to such signals not being strong enough to reach them within the guestroom or outside balcony. Further adding to the resort’s troubles was the need to cater to guest preferences for the online streaming of video content via their own personal service subscriptions. Yet the property realized that they needed to do so in a way that could lead to enhanced hotel-to-guest communication, loyalty and property revenues.

After finding that the previous internet provider was unable to resolve the issue, property leadership opted to partner with Hotel Internet Services to implement a strong and reliable network. Since working with HIS, the resort can now confirm consistent and reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire property, including the onsite restaurant, night club, swimming pool and meeting room areas.

“With a seamless installation process that was both fast and minimally intrusive, HIS is responsible for enhancing our Wi-Fi network in a way that allows it to meet virtually any guest need, a fact demonstrated by a total elimination of guest complaints received by the front desk,” says Paul Andrews, general manager at Shephard’s Beach Resort. “By also implementing BeyondTV, our resort has even been able to go a step further in catering to today’s guest demands for the latest in online entertainment and communication.”

A solution that leads the hospitality industry in wireless casting technology, BeyondTV allows guests to leverage guestroom televisions to view essentially any content accessible via their smart devices on a much larger screen. Guests can for example use this functionality to view online streaming subscriptions, personal videos and photos, or to access social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Guests of Shephard’s Beach Resort can also use BeyondTV to review their hotel bill at any time, and can take advantage of the platform’s ability to share details on upcoming resort events. Guests can even use BeyondTV to reserve a VIP table at either the resort’s tiki bar or night club, providing enhanced revenue opportunities.

Project Requirements

  • Strategize a means of ensuring a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal throughout all areas of the property.

  • Implement a solution able to fully cater to the latest guest trends in in-room entertainment while providing the property with an effective means of guest communication.


  • Replace hallway access points with in-room access points that are strategically placed to ensure a consistent and reliable Wi-Fi signal.

  • Leverage BeyondTV’s ability of allowing guests to wirelessly cast content from personal devices directly onto guestroom televisions.


  • Utilize BeyondTV to inform guests of available amenities and promotions.