Situated near the Australian city of Melbourne, Yara Valley Lodge serves as a luxury hotel destination complete with an onsite golf course. Providing its guests with a relaxed, yet sophisticated setting, the 102 guestroom property prides itself on offering the very best that the Yara Valley region has to offer, including fresh seasonal produce from local farmers and growers along with a wide selection of premium wines. Yet like virtually all of today’s hospitality businesses, Yara Valley Lodge also strives to accommodate guest expectations for a modern in-room entertainment environment.


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Previously equipped with video-on-demand (VOD) services, Yara Valley Lodge leadership recognized that today’s hotel guests largely prefer to access their own streamed content on guestroom televisions. As an amenity experiencing dwindling usage, VOD also represented a significant expense with little return on investment. The property therefore sought out a solution that could seamlessly upgrade existing televisions to cater to guest preferences for personalized content access while addressing unique hospitality needs such as protecting sensitive guest data.

The BeyondTV System offers:
• Casting your own content to the TV
• NEW Contactless myRemote
• Interactive program guide to access Live TV
• Affordable movies
• Web Browsing
• Apps & Games
• Optional Alexa Integration

After reviewing several competing providers, Liveport was selected due to being an official supplier of BeyondTV in Australia, a leading comprehensive entertainment streaming platform designed specifically for hotel environments. With BeyondTV, the property can provide each guest with the ability to cast personal streamed content from thousands of mobile-based apps without the need to upgrade existing guestroom televisions. While offering user-friendly and intuitive access to streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube, BeyondTV also takes data security concerns into account by sidestepping the need for guests to enter sensitive login details on guestroom televisions.


“Traditional in-room entertainment such as VOD has not only become outdated in the eyes of guests, but is also a significant cost for hotels. Adopting BeyondTV was essential to meeting guest expectations while lowering operational expenses….As a comprehensive in-room platform, BeyondTV even provides us with the opportunity to generate revenue by advertising available offerings on guestroom televisions. We are now fully confident in our ability to now meet the latest experience personalization and device connectivity demands.”
Anthony LoGiusto

General Manager at Yara Valley Lodge

As a comprehensive guestroom entertainment platform, BeyondTV allows guests to instantly access details on available hotel services via television screen. This ability is especially significant due to increasing numbers of guests seeking to remain socially distanced within their guestroom. Further minimizing exposure risks to germs is the ability for guests to order room service, communicate with staff, review their bill or check-out and much more using BeyondTV. BeyondTV additionally now comes with its all-new myRemote mobile app, allowing guests to minimize contact with shared surfaces by using personal devices to control both television and BeyondTV functions.

Project Requirements

  • Provide Yara Valley Lodge with a cost-effective, yet advanced platform that can cater to guest preferences for instant access to their own personal streamed content.
  • Ensure that guests feel safe accessing their streamed subscriptions by safeguarding their login information.
  • Providing the property with a means to recuperate revenue lost from reduced VOD sales.


  • Leverage BeyondTV’s advanced content casting capabilities to provide guests with user-friendly access to thousands of mobile-based apps on guestroom televisions.
  • Eliminate the need for guests to enter sensitive usernames and passwords by providing them with the ability to control casting functions using their own devices.
  • Utilize BeyondTV’s ability to promote hotel offerings as a way to generate additional streams of alternate revenue.